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Three Great Reasons You Should Remodel the Master Bedroom

The status of the master bedroom makes it prime space for big remodeling projects throughout the years. You always want this space to look its best, especially if you keep up to date with remodeling trends. Remodeling the master suite takes a lot of planning time and includes some pretty challenging decisions.

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Bedroom remodeling is a tricky endeavor, and not just because it enhances the comfort level provided by this space. It can also boost the value of your home. Here are some tips that can help you see that making vital changes to your master suite is not as daunting as you might think.

Why do You Want the Change?

You will have your own reasons for updating the bedroom, and they may be vastly different from your friends’ and neighbors’ reasons. One of the most basic reasons for taking this step is just being tired of the current look, and you want to refresh it a bit.

Physical personal changes, such as sudden disability or aging, can force you to invest in this project. In many case, some people opt for an update simply to get a larger master bedroom. This will make you more comfortable and increase your design options. We’re here to help regardless of the reason you want to remodel.

Modifications for the Aged

More people are staying in their homes as they grow older instead of moving to retirement communities. This usually requires specific changes aimed at helping with ease of movement and accessibility for mobility devices. For example, it may be necessary to widen doors to accommodate a scooter or wheelchair.

One important area for modification may be the closet. A wider door, lower racks and automated lighting are a few of the possible changes. In this case expanding the size of the bedroom may be the best course of action. The master bathroom will require its own changes as well.

Remodeling for Value

A return on investment is important if you are making plans to sell the home. This is not on the same level as kitchen remodeling, but you could still see an ROI of somewhere between 40 – 80%. Essentially, you are showing prospective buyer a bedroom that can be enjoyed for years to come without making any significant changes. Changes to the bedroom, especially when combined with other remodeling projects, can give you a better bargaining position.

Our experienced remodelers can eliminate the challenges of any remodeling project. Whether you want a visual update or you need more space, we can help you build a master bedroom that is the ideal sanctuary. Let us know how you would like for us to help you remodel your master suite. We’re available at 312-714-5454 or check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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