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Tiling Tips and Tricks for Your Bathroom

Tile inside a bathroom can look amazing, as long as you, or the professional doing the work, does the installation properly. Any wrong moves or inadequate work can turn a fantastic room into one that looks half done.

Here are 7 tiling tips and tricks that we recommend for your bathroom:

Plan the Details Carefully

We recommend planning out the details of your bathroom before you begin the tiling process. Without this plan, you may find that you are removing tiles, or attempting to create niches with tiles, and have no idea what to do.

Triple Check the Sizes of the Tiles

Measuring the size of your tiles and then double checking and triple checking them will ensure that you are placing them correctly. If you are off on the size, you may find that the layout that you chose to do is off slightly and the result will not look as nice.

Start at the Ceiling and Work Down

Some people prefer to start in the middle and work out, or start at the bottom, but we prefer to start at the top and work our way down. We find that it makes it easier if we need to cut the tiles to fit along the bottom better, because we can measure that spot more accurately.

Prevent Leaks

We recommend grading the area outside the shower, so that you do not have leaking water everywhere it shouldn’t be.

Cure the Tiles Completely Between Steps

Some people want to install the tile, add the grout, and seal the tiles in as little time as possible. However, your tiles will last longer if they are allowed to cure completely in between each step. Yes, we know that this will add time to your remodeling project, but it will keep you from needing to have the tiles replaced sooner than later.

Embrace the Small Details

Tiling is an art and the smallest details can make a huge difference. Allow your tiles to wrap around the edges, as it adds an elegant and luxurious look.

Create Larger Niches

You may not realize that your niches will be smaller once they have been tiled, which is why we always recommend that you make them larger than you will need them. This will ensure that you have the space that you need when the work is completed.

Tiling is a difficult job, but the result adds luxury to any space. If you do not think that you can do the tiling in your bathroom on your own, call a professional in to do it for you. Just make sure that they follow the steps above or you’ll need to find someone else to re-do all that work again.

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