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Tips for Choosing Replacement Windows and How They Benefit Your Home

Stencil.twitter Post 2Have you noticed that your heating and cooling bills are getting higher? Or that the outside of your home doesn’t look as nice as it could? You can change both of those things by simply replacing the windows in your home.

New windows will instantly increase the value of your home, improve your curb appeal, and lower your heating and cooling bills. Plus, your replacement windows will be easier to maintain than the ones that you currently have.

The best part about replacing your windows is that you can change the type of windows you have in your home. There is no rule or law that states that you need to replace your current windows with the same style. Therefore, you can replace windows that crank open with windows that open from the bottom, the top, or the side. However, we urge you to keep in mind that the least efficient option is a window that slides open to the side because there are more joints that will allow air to enter or leave your home.

When it comes to the frame material for your replacement windows, we recommend choosing vinyl since it is maintenance free. However, wood works just as well as long as you plan on maintaining it properly. We normally do not recommend metal, since it doesn’t hold heat too well unless you are installing a very large window.

You will want to carefully consider how many layers of glass you want in your new windows because each additional layer will improve the performance of your windows. Older windows normally only have one pane of glass, but nowadays, you can choose two or three layers of glass. These extra layers will help the temperature in your homestay consistent without raising your energy bills.

We also recommend having a low e-coating finish applied to your windows because they block infrared light. That improves the insulating value of your replacement windows and will save you even more money.

This is the perfect time of year to replace your windows, so if it has been something that you have been considering, do it now. Then you can have the rest of the summer to relax inside your nice cool home, even if it is roasting outside.

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