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Tools Every DIY Homeowner Should Own: What’s in Your Toolbox?


There are certain projects that you can handle around your home if you have the proper tools. You may, for example, be able to repair nail holes in the drywall, replace outlets and fixtures, change faucets, replace the toilet, and much more. Some home repairs require specialty tools, but most of the everyday tools for small DIY home improvement projects are inexpensive and very easy to use and store.

Real Mens Tools Picjumbo ComHere are 9 tools that every DIY homeowner should have in their home:

Paint Brushes and Rollers

Paint brushes are available in many sizes and they will allow you to paint the rooms in your house without the help of a professional painter. If you want to tackle a painting project inside your home, we also recommend that you purchase a paint tray, masking tape, and drop cloths to make the job even easier.

Claw Hammer

A claw hammer is usually used to put nails in a wall or remove them, but it can also be used to tear down drywall or make a hole in drywall or dirt. You can also use a claw hammer to split firewood into smaller pieces of kindling. You can use it as a measuring stick of sorts. Most claw hammers are between 13 and 18 inches and suffice nicely for measuring shelving if you don’t need precise measurements.

A Level

A level can be used to hang pictures on the wall, which makes it a handy tool. You can also use it to draw straight lines for other projects, level fence posts if you’re fencing the yard, and check any other surface that needs to be level before it is permanently affixed.

Tape Measure

Tape measures can be used for more than measuring your walls and floor. This little tool will let you know if a new piece of furniture will fit into the space where you want it to go or how large you need your new area rug to be. You can even use it to see how tall your children are getting instead of marking notches on the door trim.

Crescent Wrench

A crescent wrench will help you loosen or tighten a large variety of nuts and bolts, whether they are inside or outside your home. You can use a crescent wrench for plumbing issues, mechanical problems, bicycles, and even in the assembly of some flat box furniture.


Pliers can be handy when you need to grasp something that is small or in a hard to reach area. You can also save yourself a lot of heartache – and achy fingers – by holding a nail with pliers instead of using your fingers. You’re welcome.

A Hand Saw

A hand saw will let you cut through wood easily, but if you want a saw that will cut through different materials, then we recommend that you purchase a hacksaw instead. This way you will be ready for any type of DIY project that deals with wood, PVC, or other materials that need to be cut.


Screwdrivers are great tools that are needed for loosening and tightening screws, but you need to make sure that you have both flat head and Phillips head screwdrivers in your house. To make the screwdriver easier to use, you can even consider purchasing an electric one with interchangeable heads.

Utility Knife

A utility knife can be used for more than opening packages and you will be amazed at how easily it can cut through carpeting, vinyl flooring, and drywall. Make sure to always handle your utility knife with extreme care and keep it in the case when it is not in use.

Handle with Care and Store Properly

All of these tools will make your DIY projects much easier and you will not have to make multiple trips to the hardware store to purchase tools for a specific project. Store your tools in a high quality toolbox to keep them protected, dry, and safe from theft. You will be able to complete your projects much more quickly when you know exactly where your tools are; and if you find that you need some help once you begin feel free to reach out to us.

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