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Transform Your Kitchen with New Lighting Features

How many lights are in your kitchen right now? Are you trying to see in this space with one tiny light over your kitchen sink and another in the middle of the ceiling? There are many houses out there, where the homeowners are trying to work with what the house came with, and while that is great for a little bit, it gets more and more difficult as time goes on.

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Here are 4 lighting fixtures that will transform your kitchen:

Cabinet Lighting

Under the cabinet lighting is now becoming a must-have feature in kitchens. These lights allow you to see as you are prepping food for meals and making lunches to take to work and school. While we highly recommend these lights, we suggest taking the lighting a step further and placing lights above your cabinets to give that open space a nice glow.

Pendant Lighting

If you have a kitchen island or a large dining space in your kitchen, you will benefit from pendant lights. These lights can hang at any level above these spaces and will give you enough light to see whatever you are doing.

Floor Lighting

No one enjoys walking into a dark kitchen in the middle of the night, so we recommend installing floor lighting. These lights will emit a soft glow onto the floor, so that you won’t trip over anything that happened to be left on the floor at bedtime. The floor lighting should even add enough light to your kitchen that you can pour yourself a drink without turning on any other lights.


Spotlights can be added throughout your kitchen to brighten up the entire space. These lights can be used for family dinners or when you are entertaining and need a lot more light than usual. These lights can also be placed on dimmer switches, so that you can control how bright they are when you use them.

Lighting Brightens the Entire Room

Adding new lighting features to your kitchen can brighten up the space and make it easier for you to get your work done. Imagine being able to see as you are chopping and dicing and not having to worry about cutting your finger off at the same time. Instead, you will be able to prepare meals faster and spend the rest of your time in the kitchen enjoying the soft glow of the dimmed lights.

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