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Trendy and Comfy Bathrooms

For many homeowners, personal space offers a haven from a stressful career. In addition to a cozy bedroom, bathroom remodeling in Chicago transforms function into a spa-like setting for ultimate comfort. Trendy Chicago bathrooms use the latest technology, combined with individual style, to create a private paradise.

Bathroom Remodel ChicagoFor remodeling contractors, Chicago’s latest trend takes electronics into the bathroom. Surround sound music provides a soothing background while soaking in a deep tub. Built-in or pop-up TVs are often installed for those who prefer keeping up with their favorite shows while relieving stress in a jetted tub. Steam showers with multiple showerheads represent luxury while heated floors rank high in popularity due to cold winters. Heated towel racks are also a popular feature.

Bathroom decor trends do away with double vanities with large plated mirrors framed in silver or brass. Warm tones or black and white wood frames individual mirrors above pedestal vanities. The vanities are often placed back to back in a large bathroom instead of the traditional side by side location. Popular color trends are more bold and distinct. Black and white mixed with a bold color is a hot choice for décor. Frilly colors like pink or other pastels are often considered dated.

Shower Remodel ChicagoFor those with large bathrooms, bigger is better. The most popular Chicago bathrooms feature over-sized showers with spigots on each end. Natural stone and custom designed tiles line large showers. Although clear doors are still used, many trendy bathrooms do not use doors or curtains. The shower is open.

For those who can afford the transformation, large open showers are extended to make a wet room. Installation requires a waterproof bladder and approval from a professional. For those interested in a wet room, ask a remodeling contractor in Chicago if it’s a possibility. This latest type of bathroom offers waterproof accessories and furniture to make the entire room a water playground.

Trendy Chicago land bathrooms still provide functionality. But, bathroom trends reflect the need for personal pampering as a way to relieve the stress of the outside world. Smart Chicago homeowners take advantage of their personal retreat. Now, a bathroom contractor in Chicago can customize a bathroom to represent the homeowner’s individual style.

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