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How to Turn Your Attic into a More Effective Storage Space

Attics vary in size and shape, but in any home it is extra space that can be utilized in different ways. Some attics make the ideal storage space, making it simpler to keep the home organized.

These tips will help you to make better use of your attic for storage.

  • Evaluate the attic. In addition to being able to put items inside the attic, you will need a bit of room to move around comfortably. Some attics are simply not built to take a lot of extra weight. The dimensions of your attic can pose a few challenges when it comes to storing items. It may be necessary to strengthen the attic floor to make the space suitable for storage. In this case you will need to talk to a professional about your options.
  • Check the room for leaks. This is one of the most common areas for leaks to start showing inside a home. Moisture can cause damage to the home’s interior, and to the items stored inside the attic. It is best to check it thoroughly first, and then carry out repairs if necessary. You should also check the attic for signs of rodent or insect infestation. These can also cause significant damage over time.
  • Come up with the right storage solutions. For this space to serve as effective storage, you have to know how to make the best use of it. It is a small space, so utilize small attachments such as racks and hooks. Ceiling hooks can also be useful in an attic space.
  • Use the spaces between the rafters. These spaces create the ideal opportunity for organizing the attic storage properly. Get shelves custom built to fit these spaces, and put them as high as the roof will allow.
  • Choose plastic bins. Use only containers that will deter rodents and insects. Sealable containers will keep pests from getting to your items and causing damage. With that in mind, you should be selective about the items you store in the attic. This is not the place for anything that might be susceptible to changing temperatures and high humidity.

Even if you convert your attic into an extra bedroom, you might be able to find ways to incorporate storage features into the design. For example, you may choose to build platform beds with storage underneath or a built-in set of shelves that add style to the room. Do not attempt to turn your attic into a storage space without coming up with a plan first.

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