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Turn Your Basement into an Amazing Family Space before the Summer Storms Begin


If you are looking for space in your home to use as a family room, you will not need to look any further than your basement. This dark and dreary space can easily be transformed into an amazing family-friendly space with amazing opportunities. The best part is that the renovation will not take as long as you may think.

Vinyl Window Replacement

If you already have a ceiling in your basement, you will be able to get started on the rest of the work, but if you don’t, that will be your first step in creating your new space. You do not want to have a beautiful space and then look up to see ductwork and pipes all over the place.

Once the ceiling is in place, you will want to plan on how you want the space set up. Do you want one large room with one sitting area or do you want to create a space with multiple seating areas? Your answer will depend on how you proceed after the walls and flooring is complete.

Paint is the most popular choice for basement walls and you can get creative in your color choices. When it comes to the flooring, you will want to keep in mind that basement floors can be cold. If it is in the budget, we recommend that you install radiant heat under whichever flooring option you choose. Most people will use a carpet like Berber, which holds up well with a lot of traffic and activity.

No one wants to install harsh fluorescent lighting in their basements anymore and we recommend pocket lights, lamps, sconces, and possibly pendants. The choices that you make with your lighting will depend on how you are using the space. Each area will need its own lighting, so that you can see what you are doing.

Ideas of Areas in Your New Family Space

  • Movie and television viewing area
  • Reading nook
  • Homework, board game, and snack area
  • Wet bar
  • Floor space for playing

As you are designing your new family space, you can add couches and chairs to the movie area and a couple of chairs with a small table in the reading nook. A dinette set with chairs can be used in the homework and snack area and bar stools can be placed around the wet bar. The floor space in the play area will be more comfortable with floor cushions and bean bags.

Before you know it, your new family space will be ready for you to use and this will be the perfect space for when those summer storms start to roll in. You will be able to spend time together as a family, while staying warm and dry at the same time.

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