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Turn Your Basement into the Perfect Entertaining Destination

Your basement can be the ultimate space for entertaining if you make a few changes. After all, there is a lot of space in many basements and once you complete some renovations, no one will be able to believe that this space used to be a dark and dreary space that was used for storage.

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Here are 4 features that you can include when you are turning your basement into a perfect entertaining destination:

Multiple seating areas

Multiple seating areas will allow people to visit with others in smaller groups, which is perfect for those larger parties you’ll be having. One seating area should be larger, to accommodate more people, and the rest can have enough room for two or three people to sit down while they are talking.

Screen time

Some parties involve watching movies or a sporting event, so you will want to make sure to install a large screen television for people to watch. You can have your larger sitting area surround the television, just make sure that you choose furniture that is comfortable and will work well for watching something for longer periods of time.

Bar area

No entertaining space is complete without a bar and you and your guests will be happy that they can grab a drink or something to eat without going upstairs to the main kitchen. We recommend that you install a small sink, refrigerator, wine cooler, and a dishwasher in this space, as well as plenty of cabinets to store everything. This will ensure that you can utilize the full potential of this space.

Game room

Everyone loves playing games, so you may want to consider creating a space for a game room. This room can hold a foosball table, ping pong table, or a pool table, plus you can set up a table and chairs for cards and board games.

Create a Space as Individual and Unique as Your Family

If you include these features in your basement remodel, it will be the one space that your family and friends always talk about. In fact, everyone will most likely be jealous that you have such a fabulous space and it shouldn’t surprise you if people you know decide to turn their dusty basements into a fantastic entertaining space that matches yours. That should tell you that you have exquisite taste and that you have trend-setting capabilities that you should be proud of!

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