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Turn Your Drafty Basement into Your Child’s Dream Playroom


Children need large spaces to play in as well as a place to keep all of their toys and a basement is usually one of the only spaces in a house that meets the really large space requirement. If your basement is cool, drafty, and a little scary, you don’t need to worry, because you can turn it into the playroom of your child’s dreams.

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Here are 6 things that will transform your basement into your child’s dream playroom:

An Amazing Color Scheme

Painting the walls a bright color will make the room look cheery, warm, and inviting. You can get creative and use different colors or paint a mural on one wall. Consider chalkboard paint on the lower half of a wall if your children enjoy coloring on the walls.

Bright Lighting

Lighting is a necessity in a playroom, so we recommend installing lighting on the ceiling and having lamps strategically located throughout the room. Choose lighting that is adjustable or install dimmer switches for when the little tots play until they fall asleep.

Functional Flooring

Wall to wall carpeting might be nice in a playroom, but children make messes and spill things constantly. For this reason, we recommend that you consider square carpet tiles. If one of the tiles gets ruined, it is easy to remove and replace that one piece.

Wide Open Spaces or Individual Areas

While one large open space might work, it may be better to create small play areas instead. This would allow you to get super creative and use themes for the toys. One section can have a comfortable couch or chairs near the television for watching movies. Another section can have a table and chairs for playing games and doing crafts. Other sections could cater to different types of toys.


Storage is a must in any playroom and you will want to have plenty of options. The storage items that you choose now should be able to be repurposed in a few years as your children get older, since the size of the toys will change as will how they need to be stored.

Adults Need Space, Too

You will probably spend quite a bit of time in the playroom with your children, so make sure that there is a space for you. It might be a chair tucked away at the side of the room, where you can keep a watchful eye while reading a book or crafting. A small table and lamp would be helpful as well.

Basement Remodeling in Chicago

Basements are no longer just a space for doing laundry and storing holiday decorations. They are being turned into beautiful rooms that families can use as they are spending time together. Call us at 312-714-5454 to discuss your basement remodeling ideas. We will help you create an amazing space that can be used by all members of the family or simply to keep toys out of sight and out of mind.

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