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Turn Your Home into a Smart Home with these 9 Amazing Gadgets

So everyone and their uncle has an Alexa, Echo Dot, or some other smart device to help out with music, weather, traffic, and other important data. A lot of homeowners also have lighting that can be easily controlled with their smart phone. So we are going to skip those in this particular blog post. We are going to talk about 9 other amazing gadgets that will help turn your home into a smart home.

  1. Touchless Faucets: We all work to keep our homes as germ-free as possible and remind our kids to wash their hands on a regular basis. But think about all of the germs that end up on the faucet itself. Whether it’s the bathroom faucet or the kitchen faucet, it’s likely that it has all sorts of bacteria unless you clean it multiple times per day. A touchless faucet simplifies life!
  2. In-Cabinet Lighting: Add lighting that automatically turns on when you open drawers and cabinets so you can see everything more easily.
  3. Hideaway Ironing Board: Most homeowners go for dry clean only or clothing that doesn’t require a lot of attention. So put your ironing board where it isn’t in the way unless you absolutely need it. Otherwise it looks like a shelf, a painting, or folds away entirely out of view.
  4. Touchless Toilet: This goes along with the touchless faucet idea of preventing the spread of germs. Auto-flush toilets are popular at the cinema, restaurants, and even in rest areas along the highway. Add this convenience to your home and reap the rewards.
  5. Keyless Locks: Pass codes and smart locks are the locks of the future. Okay, no they’re available now. Smart locks that work with your smart phone are much more secure than pass codes; however you can set specific pass codes for your neighbor or a trusted friend if you go on vacation.
  6. Video Doorbell: Check your phone to see who’s there before you even bother getting up.
  7. Smart Appliances: Today’s refrigerators have the ability to keep up with your grocery list while the range helps keep track of your favorite recipes. Set-and-forget the dishwasher so that it washes dishes while you’re relaxing before bed or even while you’re at work. Every kitchen appliance has the ability to help simplify your life these days.
  8. Smart Thermostat: Today’s thermostat has the ability to “learn” your behaviors and automatically adjust the temperature inside your home at predetermined times.
  9. Smart Shades: Use your smart phone to lower the shades at night while you’re marathon watching your favorite show instead of leaving the comfort of your sofa or favorite chair.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to implement these smart gadgets into your home’s design? What other ideas do you have in mind? Give us a call and we’ll discuss your upcoming home improvement ideas.

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