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Understand the Basic Principles of Bathroom Design before Remodeling Your Bathroom

There’s bathroom design, then there’s proper bathroom design. Anyone can just decide where to place certain elements of the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean that the bathroom will be as functional or as stylish as it could be with proper design elements in place. So today we’re going to talk about the principles of good bathroom design and considerations for the bathroom floor plan.

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Bathroom Design Principles

  • Space: The bathroom must be spacious enough to allow everyone who utilizes it comfortable moving room. The door should be easy to move and without obstruction.
  • Storage: Storage is a must in the bathroom. Your method of storage may consist of shelving, a closet, medicine cabinet, vanity, or any combination thereof. Storage may be in plain view, decorative, or even hidden depending on your needs and the overall design of the bathroom.
  • Furnishings: What types of furnishings will you have in your bathroom? Consider making space for seating and relaxation. Create a nice spot by the window for a few potted plants.
  • Privacy: Privacy is a big consideration for the bathroom. The bathroom should be conveniently located, but not so convenient that guests feel uncomfortable using it.
  • Natural Lighting: Windows, skylights, or solar tubes are wonderful additions to the bathroom. Natural lighting helps with everything from showering to getting prepared for work.
  • Location: We touched on this a little when we mentioned privacy, but the location should be near other rooms or areas with existing plumbing. The entire job becomes so much easier and less expensive when you can tie into existing plumbing.

Bathroom Floor Plan Considerations

  • Create Zones: Think of the bathroom in terms of zones. You need a wet zone and a dry zone. The wet zone will be the shower, tub, and the area immediately surrounding both. The dry zones would be around the toilet, storage, and everywhere else.
  • Toilet Placement: Check the line of sight from the door to the toilet. Accidental door openings are bound to happen at some point, and locating the toilet out of the line of sight from the door would help prevent serious embarrassment. Also consider putting the toilet in a separate cubicle away from the tub and shower. This provides access to the toilet even if someone else is in the shower.
  • Shower or Tub: Many people prefer a shower only or a tub only, so make sure you’re sure which you’ll use. You may also choose to install both as a combination unit or as separate standalone entities.
  • Shower or Tub Placement: Make sure the floor plan leads easily and safely to the tub and shower areas. Remember, this is the wet zone. The floor may get wet, so design these areas with safety as the number-one priority.
  • Window Type and Placement: Windows are a wonderful way to add natural lighting, but a lot of homeowners don’t want to compromise privacy for natural lighting. We understand! Consider using blocks of window glass, smoky glass, stained glass, or some other type of privacy glass instead of clear windows.

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