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Update These Two Specific Areas of Your Home to Increase the Value

Two rooms in the home are considered the highest value rooms; do you know which rooms they are? We always recommend remodeling these two specific areas to improve the value and the functionality of your home. They’re also the most-visited rooms in the home. If you guessed the kitchen and bathroom, you’re absolutely right!

Stencil.instagram Post 3The two areas that should be updated in your home are your kitchen and your bathroom. If you spend time updating these two areas, you will be able to dramatically increase the value of your home. Some of the updates you may be able to do yourself, however you will need the help of a professional for at least a few of them.

Here are 9 ways to update your kitchen and bathroom and increase the value of your home:

  1. Replacing old lighting fixtures in either space is a perfect way to give the home an updated look and feel.
  2. Ceiling fans in the kitchen can help circulate the air and keep it cooler when you are cooking and baking. You can add a ceiling fan if you do not already have one or we recommend replacing an existing fan with a new energy efficient one.
  3. In the bathroom, you might want to consider replacing an outdated vanity and add a new sink.
  4. Tiling the floor in the bathroom can make the room look updated and new.
  5. Updating the appliances in your kitchen is a sure way to increase the value of your home.
  6. You should replace the faucets and hardware in both the kitchen and the bathroom. Make sure that the finish for both the faucet and hardware match in each room for that perfect updated look.
  7. The counters in your kitchen get a lot of use, so you may want to replace them with new counters. You can choose from granite, butcher block, tile, concrete and more.
  8. Adding backsplash to a kitchen can instantly add color and dimension to the room.
  9. If the vanity in your bathroom is nice, but the counter is destroyed, you can replace it quite easily. Choose a countertop that will not become damaged by hot curling irons and other bathroom items.

You will love spending time in these two rooms of your house once you have updated them. You can enjoy all of the updates knowing that you have increased the value of your home by quite a bit. Give us a call at 312-714-5454 if you’re in Chicago or the surrounding areas, and we’ll schedule an appointment to discuss your kitchen and bathroom remodeling ideas in detail.

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