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Use a Low Cost Basement Update to Increase Living Space

Many basement remodeling jobs turn these humble spaces into shining examples of modern interior design. When completed, this room will be almost indistinguishable from other parts of the house.

Multimedia Tv RoomBut what do you do if you don’t have a big budget, or you are not fussy about a remodeled basement with all the fixings?

Basement contractors do get requests from simple renovation plans, or homeowners may try their own DIY projects. Here are some easy ways to give your basement a new look for less.


Bare concrete walls and floors are unattractive and they cheapen the space. Provided the surfaces are even and in good shape, a few well-chosen colors can make all the difference. Avoid dark, heavy tones as they will absorb light and make it feel smaller. While white is usually a safe bet, experiment with the different hues of beige. Blues and warm grey can also add to the ambiance in the room.

The Floor

Basement floors are often notoriously cold, and the quickest fix is to use carpeting. This not only adds warmth underfoot, it adds color and flair to the basement. Other great, low-cost options from beautifying the basement floor are vinyl, ceramic tiles and laminate products.

Hiding Steel Posts

Since these posts are essential for support, removing them is out of the question. Boxing is a widely used option, but some designers and contractors think this is unattractive, and that it draws more attention to these areas. Putting a wall over them is one solution, even though it will take a little of your space. You can add half walls to your basement design and have them meet the support posts so that it seems deliberate.

The Walls

Hanging drywall is a quick and inexpensive way to finish the space. After hanging the sheets, the next step will be to tape the corners and the seams. Use drywall compound to cover the seams and protruding nail heads. When it is dry, sand it to smoothness, and then you can think about the final look. You can simply paint it, but applying a texture can give the basement an upscale look.

Basement Remodeling in Chicago

If you plan to turn the basement into a bathroom or to add one, take advantage of the existing plumbing to save money. Install the fixtures close to the drain and the waste vent-stack. Look online for other money saving basement upgrade tips or ask us for more ideas when we schedule your consultation.

Give us a call at 312-714-5454 if you’d like to schedule an appointment for an onsite consultation for basement remodeling. We’ll take your ideas into consideration and offer up some ideas of our own. Together, we’ll design and build a basement that you are sure to love for many years to come.

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