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Use this Quick Guide to Remodel Your Commercial Property the Right Way

Commercial property remodeling has much in common with residential remodeling, but it usually the scale of the project is much bigger. This is sometimes necessary for a business that is expanding. Some commercial renovations are needed for businesses that are just starting out in a newly rented or purchased office space. From the outset, you should look at contractors who specialize in these types of remodeling projects. They understand the permit requirements and know how to deal with the unique challenges of commercial property renovations. The following information is a guide for anyone considering this type of project.

Stencil.instagram Post 6Check Records for Building Violations

As a new tenant, you need to be aware of the building’s history. As a new tenant, finding that your building has been flagged for violations could be problematic. A building may not be up to code for various reasons; it may be as simple as mistakes with the HVAC system installation, or it could be something more serious, such as a non-functioning sprinkler system or improper wiring. These kinds of issues cause delays in renovation projects, and these can sometimes be costly.

Check the Certificate of Occupancy

The Certificate of Occupancy is a document that outlines what kind of activities can take place in any type of building. This document is easy to obtain, so there is no reason to commit to remodeling without getting this information. If the CO does not match with your proposed business, it is possible to change it, but this can be an expensive and lengthy process. If you start remodeling without checking the CO there could be costly delays as you try to get the appropriate business licenses. Ultimately, the CO indicates what types of changes you will be able to make to the building to suit your business needs.

Get Knowledge of the Structure

If you plan to use a building for business purposes, they may be limits to what the structure can handle. Some floors are designed to handle only a certain amount of weight. Your business may need a certain number of load bearing walls, or you may need to remove a few walls, which might not be allowed. This is important to drawing up the plans for the renovation.

Commercial Remodeling in Chicago

Knowledge of health codes and ADA compliance recommendations can guide building remodeling efforts. If you keep all these pointers in mind, your project will be off to a good start, and you will find it easier to manage the details.

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