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How to Use Wood Flooring in Your Kitchen Remodel

Using wood for kitchen floors is often discouraged due to the constant risk of moisture exposure and accidental spills. In the past it was often bypassed in favor of tile. Now more homeowners are talking to contractors about the possibility of installing hardwood floors. They love the natural tones, and the warmth it brings to the space. Here is some important information for anyone who is considering this flooring option.

Wear and Tear

The ability to deal with constant foot traffic is essential for kitchen floors. You should also consider the possibility of pots and pans accidentally falling. Darker finishes with high gloss tend to show imperfections such as scratches or dents. These finishes also need frequent cleaning as they show dirt more easily. Using wire brushed wood is one way to avoid this problem, as the texture naturally hides minor dings and scratches. For a stronger wood that will not scratch easily, consider white oak.

What about Engineered Wood?

For many homeowners, using engineered wood is a great way to get the beauty without the worry or maintenance. Engineered wood has many of the advantages of natural wood, but none of the disadvantages. It is moisture resistant, resists temperature fluctuations, and will not require regular staining or refinishing. The material is tough enough to resist scratches and dings that are common in the kitchen. If you have a high traffic kitchen and would prefer to avoid regular maintenance, engineered wood products are a viable alternative.

Making the Case for Hardwood

Despite the challenges of using natural wood for kitchen floors, it still deserves some consideration. Some people like the fact that these floors can be sanded and refinished as many times as necessary. This means it is not difficult to get rid of damaged areas. Replacing sections of engineered wood floors can create a mismatched look.

If you are doing a full remodel, it is best install the hardwood floors before putting in cabinets. Floors usually outlast cabinets in kitchens, as there may come a time when you want to change the look of the cabinets. Wood floors usually stay in place through subsequent renovations. With the floor done first, you can make any changes to the layout without needing to make adjustments to the floor. If you are not sure whether wood or engineered products are right for you, get some advice from a contractor.

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