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Your All White Kitchen Doesn’t Have to be Boring

When people have trouble coming up with color ideas for the kitchen, white is usually a safe choice. It has a clean look, and it can work with so many other colors and shades. In recent times people have been discouraged from choosing this color. Some feel it is too bland, and others feel that it has gone out of style. Neither is true, as the tried and tested color still offers many ways to keep the kitchen interesting. It is not limited to paints, as there various ways to use white to create beautiful contrasts.

  • Lighting fixtures. Add some bursts of white throughout the kitchen space. A white chandelier or white pendants lights will give some beauty and drama even in the daytime. Other fixtures you can consider include white globe lights and track lighting. Be on the lookout for interesting and fanciful designs.
  • White curtains. White curtains with a hint of color or accents will soften the look of the kitchen. They will appear especially radiant in the daytime as the light streams through them.
  • White cabinets. With so many features that make up a kitchen, white cabinets can balance out other shades, or just create amazing contrasts. They can be paired with dark wood floors, an exotic backsplash or a variety of tile colors and designs.
  • Tiled walls. Choose tiles that are mostly white to make a backsplash or to tile the walls. Alternately, you can use wallpaper that is a blend of white and hints of other colors to give some life to the kitchen.
  • Kitchen island. As the central point of the kitchen, the white kitchen island will draw attention without being dominant. It works very well resting on a hardwood floor of almost any shade.
  • The furniture. You can opt for a white color scheme with furniture that gives a splash of color or vice versa. Great combinations include white with turquoise or white with citrus. You can use a color chart to explore some other great ideas that can work for you.
  • Countertop. While a plain white countertop can be ideal for some kitchens, you might prefer a hint of warmth. White marble or white quartz will do well with different decors.

Kitchen Remodeling in the Greater Chicago Area

The expansion of the range of whites has made it easier to use this color in the kitchen without it looking boring. Utilize contrasts effectively to make the most of this color in the kitchen and you will always make an impact on guests. Call us at 312-714-5454 if you’re in Chicago or the surrounding area and would like to discuss your kitchen remodeling ideas or schedule a design consultation.

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