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Whole Home Remodeling is Stressful: 6 Tips for Maintaining Your Sanity


A remodeling project can be disruptive in more ways than one. Aside from the fact that will have limited or no access to the work area, the environment can become chaotic. There will be a lot of noise and dust to deal with, plus the home may begin to feel cramped due to limited access and the presence of workmen. However, even in this stressful situation, you can maintain a relative sense of calm when moving out is not an option.

  1. Choose a warm period. The spring or summer period is ideal for major remodeling work. You and your family can stay out of the way while work is being done since it will be warm outdoors. It will also be convenient to cook outdoors if the kitchen is unavailable.
  2. Keep tabs. Stay informed about what is going on with the project. You will know whether completion dates are being met if deliveries are being made on time. Things will be less stressful if you know when you will once again have full access to your home.
  3. Know who to talk to. During the course of the projects, you will find that you have questions from time to time. Your first line of contact will be the contractor, but there should be another person to talk to if the contractor is unavailable. You will be able to work out important issues beforehand and avoid confusion later on.
  4. Protect children. Young children may be curious about the work that is going on and may want to watch. However, this can be dangerous, so if they have to be at home, make sure they do not get close to the activity. The ideal situation is to have them stay with a friend or relative during the working hours.
  5. Set spaces for workers. The workmen will need places to park, store tools and equipment. Work out all of these details early to about mishaps or confrontations.
  6. Find ways to de-stress. Dealing with a whole house remodel can be stressful even if you put the right things in place. Find ways to keep yourself and your family entertained while the work is in full swing. The less you have to think about it, the better.

It may be possible to have access to some parts of the home while others are being renovated, but this depends on the scope of the project. Work out a plan early to keep your sanity intact while your daily life is so drastically affected.

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