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Homeownership is the ultimate goal in most people’s lives. We work hard in school to get into a good college and get the nice car and home we want. We usually find love or companionship somewhere along the way, and our lives may take a little detour from time to time, but the end goal is generally the same. Many of us want to build a custom home, but we discover that it’s much more cost-effective to purchase that almost perfect home at an amazing price and remodel it to fit our lifestyle and personal tastes. That’s where Bart’s comes into play. If you’re looking for home remodeling contractors in Chicago, look no further for your whole home remodeling needs. Barts Remodeling has the home remodeling contractors Chicago residents love!

A whole home remodeling project is one in which many aspects of the interior of the home are changed. We may end up remodeling the kitchen and bathroom, demolishing a few walls to open up the floor plan, refinishing floors and trim, or doing any of the following projects to improve your home:

  • Replacing windows
  • Replacing doors
  • Sanding and refinishing hardwood flooring
  • Replacing missing or damaged hardwood flooring
  • Removing carpet
  • Replacing interior doors
  • Repairing walls and ceilings
  • Painting walls, ceilings, and other woodwork
  • Installing new light fixtures
  • Replacing all switches and outlets
  • Installing custom closet systems
  • Removing and replacing damaged exterior siding or trim
  • Painting the exterior of the home
  • Replacing mechanical systems including hot water and HVAC systems

You don’t have to live in an old home simply because you bought an old house. We regularly work with homeowners who purchase an older home because it’s within their budget or they fall in love with the architecture or the layout of the home. Whole home remodeling is a way to breathe new life into older homes and give them an entirely new purpose. If you’re currently in the process of searching for a home to purchase, and you’ve found an almost perfect one, give us a call and we’ll give you our thoughts. Generally speaking, a whole home remodeling project can easily be your best bet to achieve your dream home more easily than by building a custom home from the ground up. If you want to learn more about the best home remodeling Chicago has to offer, Barts Remodeling is standing by.

We are a home remodeling Chicago-based company with a primary focus on remodeling the bathroom or kitchen, providing new construction, or performing a whole house remodel. We focus on remodeling all parts of your home to create the home you desire — and deserve. We also offer services for home remodeling Chicago suburbs residents can enjoy.

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